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Design Finds For Less

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Today on my blog I am talking about finding designer looks for less. Have you ever looked at a magazine, or pictures on pinterest of accessories/designs you really like, but when you find them, realize they are out of your budget? This happens to me a lot, as a designer, and as a lover of home decor!

Instead of getting discouraged, I make it my mission to find something similar, that's just as good!(and won't break the bank). Below are of few of my designer favs, along with the affordable look a likes! I am posting real life pictures of the deals I've found, along with pictures of the more expensive designer accessories. You'll find links below of the affordable accessory knock offs!

This classic and modern mirror can cost you hundreds at big box designer stores- or get it at Target for just $68 dollars (on sale now!)

These gorgeous brass pendent lights have been imitated by many stores/designers. One of the originals is from Serena & Lily. Save thousands and purchase these from Wayfair! (comes in a variety of finishes too).

I fell in love with this chandelier when my husband and I were house hunting, and I saw it at an open house(in their living room). When I went to find it, it was at Pottery barn, and wasn't on sale(normal price $599!). I found this look a like on Overstock, for $184 dollars!

I wanted to add some warmth to this kitchen, and I knew I wanted to go with either leather or Faux leather. When I found the original bar stools at West Elm, the cost of $360 dollars per stool was out of budget! I found these Faux leather look alike stools on Wayfair, AND, they come in a set of 2-on sale right now for $112 dollars!

This chair from World Market is a look a like to the more expensive one from RH! Save a few hundred bucks and get this deal from WM for only $229! Comes in grey too!

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Oct 17, 2019

Thank you so much s.brunerjacot! Please email me at, so we can set up a free consultation!


Oct 16, 2019

Love your tips and finds- you really do your research! We are budgeting for a project in 2020 and after seeing your website and reading about you I think you’re the designer I want to work with!

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