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Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've blogged...been caught up in all of the craziness that the holiday season can bring! Today I wanted to talk to you about kitchen trends (which I could literally go on and on about, since it's one of my favorite places to design!). Many of the trends I am going to show you today, started in 2019, and are still going strong for 2020!

Vintage art has made a major come back over the past couple of years, and it is now being displayed in kitchens! I honestly really love this because it truly adds more character to your kitchen, as well as giving it your own personal touch!

1.) Design by The Grit & Polish

2.) Design by Heidi Caillier

3.) Design by Smitten Interiors

Neutral kitchens with white oak cabinetry have been on the rise over the past year! Not only is this still going strong for 2020, but it has a classic, yet timeless look about it, that I know homeowners will still be happy with for years to come!

1.) Design by Studio McGee

2.) Design by Amber Lewis

3.) Design by Grand Tradition Homes

Using Mixed metals in your home has been around for the past couple of years, and I think I think it is here to stay. The 2 places I see it the most are in the bathroom, and kitchen. One of the keys to successfully using mixed metals are keeping them on the same eye line. For example, in this first picture, I used all brass lighting (in the pendants and sconces), matte black hardware, and stainless appliances.

1.) Design by Smitten Interiors

2.) Design by Velinda Hellen Design

3.) Design by Orlando Soria

Dark, moody cabinetry(especially deep green). In the past few months, green has really become trendy for cabinet colors! With so many lovely shades to choose from, I can see why this has become so popular. In this first pic, you can see that 3 design trends have been implemented...using a dark, moody, shade of green, keeping the island a neutral white oak to create balance and warmth, and adding a personal touch with vintage art.

2.) Design by Amber Lewis

Matte black hardware has become increasingly popular over the last year, and you can see why in these different kitchen designs. They go wonderfully with any cabinet color, and create a modern, yet classic look.

1.) Design by Studio McGee

2.) Design by Smitten Interiors

3.) Design by Studio McGee

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